I’m Larissa Monteiro,  a graphic designer + media artist based in Rotterdam, experimenting with live graphics, visuals, video installations and sound.

In my practice, I often navigate through topics around emotion perception and cognitive sciences.  For instance, at The World With A Thousand Eyes the research concerned how music affects brain activity and how that could be used to improve symptoms of stress and anxiety. The project started with an artistic goal to create a ritual where the spectator is invited to dive into a hypnotic musical & visual journey. Some of the objectives included tuning back in the autonomic nervous system activity and to assist with the production of neurotransmitters. At Approaching Other Realms I have investigated the impacts of digital culture, design and technology on cognition and mental health, not only taking into account their negative effects, but also trying to locate areas of potential positive elements, and how technology can be used to improve symptoms of those suffering from anxiety disorder. With that, we are developing a VR environment that applies biophilic design to create a virtual space that promotes positive psychological and physiological states. Anthropomorphism of Media I examined emerging technologies in order to understand the way individuals communicate material ideas, as often human characteristics are attributed to mechanised electronics and it is unclear whether attributing such behaviours to technology is logically based on function or whether it is simply a projection of personification. In How To Induce A Lucid Dream, I investigated how technology affects sleep and how the way a dream (through a human perspective) is transformed every time a new technology is integrated in waking life. In Narratives Brazilin I worked with the Japanese artist Yasunori Kawamatsu on healing, also a recurring topic in my work, but going after colonisation marks and trading healing materials that transit between our motherlands.

Reach me at massiralx@gmail.com